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Leprechaun CVC Words Activity

Are you looking for CVC word activities for your kids? This Leprechaun CVC Words Activity is a fun, themed resource for St. Patrick’s Day.

Your beginning readers can use this activity to practice spelling consonant-vowel-consonant words. 

Beginning Readers

Leprechaun CVC Words Activity:

A hands-on resource like this one can be used as an independent activity for young children in any early childhood classroom or homeschool.

You easily set it up as a literacy center or add it to your morning tubs. Your kids can even take it on-the-go. 

Spelling Activity

What Is A CVC Word?

A CVC word is a three-letter word made up of a consonant, vowel, and consonant such as hat, leg, and cup.

When a vowel is followed by a consonant, it is a closed syllable and makes the vowel say its sound.

CVC words are the simplest words for kids to read because each letter makes its sound.

Beginning readers can decode and sound the words out. Hands-on activities like this resource make practicing these skills fun for kids!

Getting Ready To Use The Leprechaun CVC Words Activity:

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What’s Included:

  • 25 Leprechaun Picture Cards
  • 26 Gold Coin Letter Cards

What Else Is Needed:

  • White Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Laminator
  • Laminating Pouches
  • Scissors
  • Velcro (optional)

Word Work Activity

To get this activity ready for your beginning readers, click on the button below and fill out the form. Then, download and print the cards on white card stock.

Next, laminate leprechaun picture cards and gold coin letter cards, so your kids can use this resource over and over.

After laminating, cut the cards apart and put all of the pieces in a pencil pouch or box for an easy activity to set-up. 

As an option, you can put one side of Velcro on the cards under each leprechaun picture.

Then, put the other side of Velcro on the back of the gold coins, so your kids can attach the letters to the cards. 

How To Use The Leprechaun CVC Words Activity:

To use this word work activity, your kids will pick a leprechaun and identify the picture that he is holding.

They will then identify the consonant-vowel-consonant that are needed to spell the word.

St. Patrick's Day Literacy Activity

Next, your children will sort through the gold coin letter cards and find the letters and place them in order on the card.

They can then continue picking cards and spelling the CVC words.

CVC Words

This Leprechaun CVC Words Activity is a St. Patrick’s Day themed resource for beginning readers to use to practice sounding out and decoding words. 

Pin It For Later:

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CVC Words Activity

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