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Letter F Books

Learn about everything from flowers and frogs to fires and farming in this fantastic list of Letter F Books!

Book lists for kids  like this one have a variety of stories about things that begin with the letter F that your preschoolers are sure to enjoy!

Books Begin With Letter F

With both fiction and non-fiction themes in this Letter F list of books, you are sure to find multiple topics to engage your readers and keep them curious about the world around them.

Where can I find these Letter F Books?

Book stores will have most of these titles. Check Barnes and Noble or Amazon for best results, but you may be surprised at what your local bookstore carries.

If you want to borrow instead of buy, be sure to check your local libraries or even ask friends to borrow them for a short time.

Books Lists for Kids

How will reading Letter F Books help my kids learn the letter?

Try playing a game while you read! Have your kids point out ever letter F they see on the page before you start reading.

You can also make sure to emphasize the sound the letter makes every time they find one.

After you’re done reading the book, ask them which letter they found and see if they can name more words that start with the same sound. Repetition is key with learning!

Letter F Books

Letter F Activities for Preschoolers:

If you want your kids to do some fun activities after reading the letter F books, check out these resources:

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These Letter Dot Painting Worksheets are a fun, hands-on way for your students to practice letter recognition and formation.

With this Bingo dauber activity, your kids will also work on work on their fine motor skills, pencil control, and much more. Click on the link or picture to learn more!

To find out more about these book, click on the pictures below.

Letter F Books for Kids

Do you have a favorite book to read to your kids when they are learning all about the letter F? Share it in the comments!