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Letter E Books

From elephants to eggs, these Letter E Books include fiction and non-fiction stories about things that begin with the letter E.

Sharing read-alouds from book lists for kids like this one with your children gives them a chance to practice letter recognition, work on listening comprehension, and much more.

Letter E Books for Kids

With these books, your preschoolers and kindergarteners will not only learn about things such as the Earth and endangered species.

But, your kids will also work on pre-reading skills that will help them learn how to read.

Letter E Books For Kids:

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If you ask your kids questions before and after these stories, they will develop listening skills and work on comprehending what they are hearing.

While you are reading aloud, they can also practice letter recognition, concepts of print, and other skills.

As you are reading these books to your children, ask them questions such as:

  • Can you find a capital letter E on this page?
  • Can you find a lowercase letter e on this page?
  • Who are the characters in this book? 
  • Where is the book’s cover? 
  • How many letter E’s do you see on this page?
  • Can you name something that begins with the letter E?
Letter E Book List

Where Can I Find These Books?

If these books aren’t available at your school’s library, you can check your local one too.

You can also find these books at bookstores like Barnes and Noble or order them online from Amazon.

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Letter E Books

Letter E Activities for Kids:

After you read these Letter E books to your kids, they can do these activities to reinforce what they are learning.

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These spot and dot printables will also help your children work on visual discrimination and fine motor skills too. Click on the link or picture to learn more!

Click on the pictures below to learn more about these Letter E books for kids!

Letter E Books for Kids

What is your favorite letter E book? Share it in the comments!