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Turkey Craft & Writing Activity

Are you looking for fun, Thanksgiving-themed writing activities for your kids? This “I Am Thankful For..” Turkey Craft and Writing Activity is a cute and creative way to get your children to think and write about what they are thankful for this season.

Craft for Kids

Turkey Craft & Writing Activity:

Not only will is this Thanksgiving project help your kids think about what they are thankful for, but creating crafts will help them develop their fine motor skills too.

Creating crafts is also a great way for your children to work on their listening comprehension and following multi-step directions.

Writing Activities for Kids

Getting Ready To Use The Turkey Craft & Writing Activity:

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What’s Included:

  • “I Am Thankful For…” Word Web Paper
  • Turkey Craft Templates
  • “I Am Thankful For…” Writing Prompt Paper  
  • 15 Word Wall Word Cards

What Else Is Needed:

  • Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

To get this activity ready for your students, click on the link or the button below to purchase it.

After downloading the resource, print the word web paper, craft templates, writing prompt paper, and word wall cards that you want to use.

There are several different craft templates included so you can pick which one will work best for your students.

Gratitude Activity for Kids

How To Use The Turkey Craft & Writing Activity:

After reading books such as Being Thankful by Mercer Mayer or I Am Thankful by Sheri Wall, you and your kids can talk about what it means to be thankful. 

Gratitude Craft for Kids

Then, you and your students can create a list of things that they are thankful for. You can use the word web cards or write their ideas on an anchor chart.

Thanksgiving Writing Activity

Next, your children will use the word web to brainstorm and think about what they are thankful for in their lives.

After creating the word web, your kids will pick five of the things that they are thankful for and write them on the turkey’s feathers.

You may want them to write what they are thankful for in pencil and then trace over the words with a black marker, so the text shows up after they color the feathers. 

I Am Thankful For... Writing Activity

If you are using the black and white templates, your children will then color the turkey. Next, your kids will cut out their turkey.

I Am Thankful For... Craft

Depending on the craft template that you use, your children will glue the parts of the turkey together including the feathers.

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

After creating their turkey craft, your kids can also write what they are thankful for on the writing paper.

This is a great way for them to practice using capital letters, writing complete sentences, and using the correct punctuation marks. 

After creating their turkeys, your kids can hang their rafter of turkeys in your classroom or house for a festive decoration.

This “I Am Thankful For..” Turkey Craft and Writing Activity is a fun gratitude project for your kids to create this Thanksgiving. 

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Turkey Craft for Kids

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