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What Are Morning Tubs?

Morning Tubs are fun, hands-on activities that are designed for your students to work on independently at the start of the day.

These entertaining and engaging educational activities are aligned with the standards so your students are learning and reviewing concepts while they play.

Your students will also investigate, problem solve, build social skills, and much more!

kindergarten morning tubs

The Purpose of Morning Tubs:

Better Way To Start The Day

Do you have students who arrive at all different times in the mornings? Our school doors open a half an hour before school starts and our kids come directly to our classrooms.

My students can eat their breakfast, socialize with their friends, and prepare for the day while they are actively engaged in academic activities.

They can work on their morning tubs independently until we are ready to start no matter what time they arrive.

Morning work

Get All The Things Done

Do you have homework folders to check, attendance and lunch count to take, questions to answer, notes or emails from parents to read in the mornings?

While you students are working independently, you have time to take care of all those important things before the day begins. You can even have time to work one-on-one with students.

Boredom Buster

Have you tried using worksheets for morning work but you have students who rush through it and are finished in just a few minutes? Do you have other students who never complete their work?

You probably have students who are bored and other who don’t understand and become frustrated. Either way, that is not a great way to start the day.

Morning tubs are designed to review concepts so learning is continuous. They are fun, interactive activities that your students will be excited to do every day.

why use morning tubs in classroom

Who doesn’t want a class full of students who are not only excited but ready to start the day?! Morning Tubs allow students (and teachers) time in the morning to get ready for a productive day of learning.

what are morning tubs

More About Morning Tubs:

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