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Letter I Books

Grab any of these fiction or nonfiction Letter I Books about everything from iguanas to illustrators and inspire your kids!

Get your kids excited about reading and learning about new things with Book Lists for Kids like this one!

Book Lists for Kids

Insects, islands, and inch worms are just a few of the topics you’ll read with your kids from the Letter I Books list.

How Can I Get These Letter I Books?

Check your local bookstore! Many of these titles are well known and available just about anywhere.

If you can’t find them there, Barnes and Noble is another great option.

Waiting for shipping can be hard, but Amazon will have all of these titles, for sure.

Not looking to buy? Be sure to check your local library! If they don’t have one of the titles, just ask.

Libraries are often happy to order books their patrons are interested in reading!

Letter I Books

How Do I Help My Lids Learn The Letter I By Sight And Sound?

Grabbing one of these Letter I books and helping your kids hear the different sounds the letter I can make is a great place to start.

Try to emphasize the letter when you see it or have your littles point it out on the page.

Say the letter I and say the sound it says out loud and have your kids repeat after you. Repetition is key in learning letters and reading!

Alphabet Books

Letter I Resources For Preschoolers:

Pair these resources with the books to make learning all about the letter I even more fun!

You May Also Like This Letter Recognition Activity:

These Letter Dot Painting Worksheets are a fun, hands-on way for your students to practice letter recognition and formation.

With this Bingo dauber activity, your kids will also work on work on their fine motor skills, pencil control, and much more. Click on the link or picture to learn more!

To find out more information about these fiction and non-fiction books, click on the pictures.

Letter I Books for Kids

What is your favorite letter I book? Share it in the comment section below!