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Letter K Books

Kindness, kittens, kings, and koalas are just a few of the fun topics you’ll find on this list of Letter K Books!

Book Lists for Kids include stories that will help your children learn reading comprehension, letter recognition, and much more.

Letter K Books for Preschool

These nonfiction and fiction stories will delight your young audience, whether at home or at school.

Many of these books are great for sparking meaningful conversations with your children.

Where Can I Find These Letter K Books?

Whether you’re looking to add them permanently to your home library or only borrow them for a short time, you should be able to find these books just about anywhere.

Check your local bookstore, Amazon, the public library or your school library.

If your local library doesn’t have one of the books you’re hoping to read, be sure to ask if they would be willing to order it!

Many libraries are very willing to order new material to keep kids reading.

Book Lists for Kids

How Can I Teach The Letter K While Reading These Books?

Have your kids point out uppercase K’s and lowercase k’s on each page.

Be sure to say the sound a K makes when you say those words and have your kids say the sound with you.

Alphabet Books

Letter K Activities for Preschoolers:

After you read these books to your kids, they can do these fun, hands-on activities!

You May Also Like This Letter Recognition Activity:

These Letter Dot Painting Worksheets are a fun, hands-on way for your students to practice letter recognition and formation.

With this Bingo dauber activity, your kids will also work on work on their fine motor skills, pencil control, and much more. Click on the link or picture to learn more!

To find out more information about these books, click on the pictures below!

Letter K Books for Kids

Do you have book that you like to read to your kids when they are learning about the letter K? Leave the title in a comment below!