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Pirate Books for Kids

Arr, Matey! Get ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th by picking a few Pirate Books from this book list for kids to read aloud this year. Yo-ho-ho! 


Pirate Books for Kids


Pirate Books for Kids:

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There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a FishPete the Cat and the Treasure MapPirates Love Underpants (The Underpants Books)How to Be a Pirate (Little Golden Book)Pirate BoyShiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABCPirates: Dead Men's Tales: Incredible Facts, Maps and True Stories about Life on the High SeasHow I Became a PirateThe Pirates Next DoorPirates Don't Go to Kindergarten!A Year on a Pirate Ship (Time Goes By)Pirates Don't Change DiapersDinosaur Pirates! (Dinosaurs on the Go)The Pirate CruncherCaptain LaPlank: The Perfect PiratePirates Magnified: With a 3x Magnifying GlassHow to Be a PiratePirate (DK Eyewitness Books)The Gingerbread Pirates Gift EditionPirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion (Ologies)Treasure Island (Little Golden Book)100 Questions About PiratesI Want To Be A Pirate When I Grow Up: Pirate Book For Kids (Fantasy and Folklore For Kids 2)Inside Out Pirate Ship: Explore the Golden Age of Piracy!Pirate Chicken: All Hens on DeckSwashby and the SeaPirate StewCaptain Jack and the PiratesEye Wonder: Pirates: Open Your Eyes to a World of DiscoveryDo Pirates Take Baths?Good Night Pirate Ship (Good Night Our World)We're Going on a Treasure HuntThe Ultimate Pirate HandbookA Different Princess: Pirate PrincessThe Pirate of Kindergarten (Richard Jackson Books (Atheneum Hardcover))The Treasure of Pirate FrankThe Pirates of Scurvy SandsThe Curse of Snake Island (Pirate School #1)The Best Book of PiratesPirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate


You can check many of these books out at your city or school library, purchase them at bookstores like Barnes and Noble, or order them from Amazon. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, Amazon is offering a 30-Day Free Trial to Amazon Prime right now.


While You Are Reading:

While you are reading these pirate books to your kids, teach them some pirate words that they can practice saying for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

  • Ahoy – Hello
  • Aye – Yes
  • Booty – Treasure
  • Matey – Shipmate 
  • Hearties – Friends
  • Avast – Stop
  • Shiver Me Timbers – A phrase to say when you are surprised
  • Yo-Ho-Ho – A phrase to say when happy
  • Scalawag – Someone who is mischievous
  • Buccaneer- Another name for a pirate 
  • Doubloons – Gold coins
  • Jolly Roger – The flag of a pirate ship


Your kids are sure to have fun celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day this September by reading some of these Pirate Books and learning some pirate words and phrases. What is your favorite pirate book?


After sharing one or more of these pirate-themed books with your young learners, use these treasure hunt clues to set up their own adventure. They are sure to love it!


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Pirate Books for Kids


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