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Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Did you know that Johnny Appleseed Day is March 11th? Your kids can celebrate the day and practice learning the ABC’s with these Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats!


Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats

Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats:

These themed play dough mats are not only fun but educational too. But, how does this activity help your kids develop their pre-reading skills? They will work on their letter knowledge by practicing letter formation and letter writing.


Sensory Activity


As your kids squeeze, roll, and squish the play dough, they will also develop their fine motor skills and hand muscle strength. These skills are important for both pre-writers and pre-readers! 


Who Was Johnny Appleseed?

Add a little history lesson to this letter recognition activity and teach your kids who Johnny Appleseed was while they form letters with the play dough. So, who was Johnny Appleseed?


He was an American pioneer who traveled by foot through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. As he traveled, he planted apple seeds. He also taught others how to plant the seeds and take care of the trees.


To learn more about Johnny Appleseed, read a book aloud to your children. My kids like Who Was Johnny Appleseed? by Joan Holub.


Getting Ready To Use The Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats:

What’s Included:

3 Sets of Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats

  • Lowercase Letter Apple Play Dough Mats
  • Capital Letter Apple Play Dough Mats
  • Capital & Lowercase Letter Apple Play Dough Mats


What Else Is Needed:

  • Printer
  • White Card Stock or Copy Paper
  • Laminator and Laminating Pouches 
  • Scissors
  • Green or Red Play Dough (see other suggestions below!)
  • Pencil


Letter Formation Activity


To get this letter recognition activity ready for your kids, click on the button below. Then, download and print the mats that you need.


I like to print my resources on white card stock, because it is more durable. But, you can use copy paper too. Then, laminate the play dough mats or put them in reusable dry erase pockets.


How To Use The Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats:

To use this alphabet activity, your kids will pick a play dough mat and identify the letter or letters on it. (One set includes both the capital and lowercase letters.) Then, they will use red play dough to form the letter. After they make the letter, they can write it on the recording sheet. 


Apple Letter Mats


To make learning the letters of the alphabet more fun, you can use other manipulatives other than the red or green play dough. For these apple play dough mats, try pom poms with tweezers, buttons, or even apple mini erasers. 


Apple Alphabet Mats


These Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats are easy for your kids to use independently as they learn the alphabet and work on letter formation. I hope your kids enjoy them as you celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!



Pin It For Later:

Do you want to save this letter recognition activity for later? Pin this to your alphabet board on Pinterest and it’ll be here for when you’re ready!


Apple Alphabet Play Dough Mats


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