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Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity

Are you looking for magnetic letter activities for your preschoolers? This Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity is a fun, hands-on way for your pre-writers to practice identifying and writing lowercase and capital letters! 

Magnetic Letter Tracing

Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity:

Using magnetic letters is a way to turn a simple activity into an interactive one.

If you are looking for a set to add to your classroom or homeschool, sometimes you can find them at the dollar store or dollar spot.

Or, you can make your own magnetic letters. It’s easy to do!

These letter manipulatives can be used in a lot of different activities to help your kids learn and develop their fine motor skills.

Magnetic Letter Activities

Why Are Fine Motor Skills Important?

From holding a pencil to turning the pages in a book, kids use their fine motor skills as they are learning to read and write.

The development of the small muscles in the hands and fingers in coordination with the eyes is important in not only children’s learning but also in their everyday life.

Getting Ready To Use The Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity:

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What’s Included:

  • 2 Letter Tracing Worksheets 

What Else Is Needed:

  • White Paper
  • Magnetic Letters
  • Magnetic Wand
  • Container or Paper Bag

Pre-Writing Activity

To prepare this word work activity, click on the button below and fill out the form. Then, download and print the worksheets.

One of the worksheets includes capital letters and the other one has lowercase letters. 

Next, a container or paper bag with magnetic letters. You can use just capital or lowercase letters. You can also mix the letters together. 

How To Use The Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity:

To begin this letter writing activity, your kids will use the magnetic wand to pick a magnetic letter out of the container or paper bag. No peeking! 

Then, your kids will identify the letter, find in on the worksheet, and trace it.

They can trace the letter to match the color of the magnetic letter for even more fun!

Magnetic Letter Activity

Depending on your children’s letter knowledge, they can use just the lowercase letters or capital letters.

To differentiate the activity, you have have your kids pick a lowercase letter and find the matching capital letter on the worksheet. 

This Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity is a fun, hands-on way for your pre-writers to practice identifying and writing lowercase and capital letters! Hope your preschoolers enjoy it! 

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Magnetic Letter Tracing Activity

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